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Ex electric heater with fins 1000W

  • Product Code: EX06-00-0000-0070
  • Availability: 1

Ex electric heater with fins 1000W.

Flame Proof Ex-d in vertical design with black anodized aluminum fins, constant heating power and electrically
resettable temperature limiter. No breakdown when overheated, therefore very reliable industrial heating solution.

The heaters may only be operated in combination with an external temperature switch / regulator.

Technical data:

  • Rated Voltage: 250 VAC (120 VAC)
  • Rated Current at 120/250 VAC: 8,4/4,0 A
  • Rated Power: 1000 Watt
  • Connection Cable: 11,6 mm, 3 m
  • Weight: app. 10 kg
  • Ambient Temperature: -60°C to 140°C
  • Degree of Protection: IP 68
  • Cable Gland: M25 x 1,5, Nickel Plated Brass


  • Gas: II 2 G Ex db IIC T4 / T3 Gb
  • Dust: II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T135°C / T200°C Db
  • EC Type Examination Certificate: EPS 18 ATEX 1036
  • IEC Ex-Certificate IECEx EPS 18.0024
  • EAC Ex Certificate: RU C-DE.EX01.B.00032/19

Ex electric heater with fins 1000W.